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Are you Soul-Tender? Are You A Soul-Tender?


Some things are meant to be a mystery or part-mystery. That’s why I’m ok with not having a clear definition and understanding of the soul. It’s more of an ever-evolving wondering and exploration.

What’s more important for me is cultivating a connection to my soul-essence… that part of me kissed by the Divine and also very much “me.” My own personal imprint that I’m living with, working with, tending to and evolving, part of something greater than all of us.

I recently thought about how often I see the phrase “self-care” on Facebook, magazine covers, books, emails and how easy it is to gloss over a phrase that I see so often.

Then the phrase “soul-tender” popped into my consciousness and I felt a pleasant little “Hmmm…yesssss” inside.


Both a noun and a verb.

A person who tends their soul and is tender towards their soul.

A way of being and an act.

Tender with my soul.

Tending to my soul.

Fanning the flames of my soul-fire.  


Our soul calls to us all the time. Asking, guiding, telling. In the asking, it’s also guiding.

Asking for rest and quiet.
Guiding us to take a break.

Asking for connection.
Guiding us towards friends, compatriots, other walkers of the path.

Asking us to dive deep and shine light on our darker places.
Guiding us towards health, healing, release and a fuller life.

What is your soul asking for lately? What is it guiding you towards?

Do you see opportunities to tend to your soul? Be tender with your soul in responding to its calling?


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