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Power Animals and You


Tremendous change is afoot on many levels these days. Changes that impact us in obvious and not-so-obvious ways. Old ways of doing things don’t really work any more and centuries-old structures are breaking down.

This makes it hard to “be”. Be at peace. Be in the moment. Be with challenging emotions so that they don’t get pushed down and cause emotional and physical havoc.

The good news is that we have an abundance of resources to help us through these unusual times. Social gatherings are becoming safer and are a beautiful balm to the soul. Time in nature: another beautiful balm. I need regular doses of all of the above plus yoga, meditation, massages, energy medicine, and acupuncture if I have any hope of staying sane and in balance.

Oh, and laughter! Put on any episode of America’s Funniest Videos and I dare you not to laugh at the funny animals section. Then notice if your shoulders are a few inches farther from your shoulders than before or if your jaw feels a little looser.

We also have tremendous support, guidance, comfort, empowerment and protection available to us from the spirit world. The spirit world of angels, teachers, saints, power animals and other spirit helpers can be a great big, loving seat belt that keeps us secure on the rollercoaster ride that is life in 2021.

These are times that require new ways of being and new perspectives. Like, for instance, calling on your power animal for guidance as you prepare for an important meeting or conversation.

Or asking them for comfort when you’re having trouble falling asleep.  

Power animals are animal spirits that have a quality or essence, also known as “medicine,” that they would like to share with you. This spiritual medicine is meant to benefit you in the highest and most supportive way.

Animal spirits want to walk with you through your days and dance with you in your dreams. 

Shamans believe we're each born with a power animal that watches over and protects us as we grow. Sometimes we lose connection with that animal spirit and sometimes that connection deepens. 

Native peoples have a deep history of paying attention to animals that cross their paths and receiving them as messengers from the Great Creator. They'd look to the natural world, particularly animals, for signs about sources of water, game to hunt, migration patterns and to alert them to changes coming to their tribe or for them personally.

How does that translate to our day to day, here and now?

I have a great example.

We noticed a wild turkey in the woods next to our home the other evening. Yes, we live in Maine, but we’re not in the deep woods or the more rural areas, so it was a bit of a surprise. 

The next morning, that same turkey gobbled away at daybreak. Loudly. Repeatedly.

I rolled over and put a pillow over my head.

The following day one showed up on our front lawn.

I couldn’t ignore turkey’s presence any longer, so I did a quick search to see what turkey is believed to represent, or offer. Turkey as animal totem is closely associated with abundance and reminds us to acknowledge all that we have: materially and otherwise. It also reminds us to honor the natural world, bless it, thank it for its beauty and bounty, and tend to it.

Turkey offered a very timely reminder for us about abundance. We paused and expressed gratitude for a recent, generous gift we’d received and for all that we have available to us physically and spiritually.

Thank you, turkey.

Ultimately, power animals are one of many ways to connect to the spirit world and access the gifts that this world offers us.

The sacred is available to us in many shapes, sizes and places and we need every bit of it these days.

Interested in connecting to YOUR power animal? Join me on Wednesday, Nov. 17th in Cape Elizabeth where I'll guide you through a process to do just that. No prior experience needed, just an open mind and a desire for connection. More info here.  

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