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Buddha in Sarasota"Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are."
~Chinese proverb

Come home to who you truly are with any of these relaxing guided meditations. The more you listen to the words, the invitations and the music, the more deeply you'll surrender into a relaxed and healing state, remembering that relaxation is healing for our bodies, minds and spirits. Each meditation is infused with healing energy and transmits love and acceptance.

Bring gentle attention to your body from head to toe with this mindful body scan and feel tension melt away. Chances are you'll find yourself floating in a sea of tranquility, resting in that inbetween state of conscious awareness and sleep. Listen in the morning to begin your day from a place of presence and peace, after your in-home yoga practice, or at night to set the stage for a restful sleep. Any time is a good time for pausing and allowing the words and music to wash over you and bring you to a state of restful bliss.

Take this guided journey to the Cave of the Heart: that place within where you'll tend to the fire of your soul, claim the inner gifts you'd like to share with the world, nurture your life force, and bring a shadow aspect (or two) into the light. When you tend the fire of your soul, you acknowledge the fullness of your being. When you claim the inner gifts you'd like to share with the world, you honor those gifts in the sharing. When you nurture your life force, your energy becomes more abundant and vibrant. When you bring a shadow aspect (a part of you that you hide from yourself and others, a behavior or pattern that you deny or resent in others) into the light, you invite healing by embracing and acknowledging old hurts and the perfection of your imperfections.