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When We Have Space, We Thrive My tree friend at Fort Williams Park

A few weeks ago, on my morning walk, I noticed a tree I've passed hundreds of times without really pausing to take a closer look.  This time I was struck by its beautiful, natural shape. It truly got my attention and I had a sense that there was a message being offered. 

The tree is naturally round and glorious in a way that says to me “This is what I’m meant to be. This is my true form and essence.”

What I also noticed: no other trees were nearby, encroaching on this tree’s ability to be in its truest, most natural form. I doubt this tree was trimmed and manicured.

This is the real deal. It was thriving. 

It got me thinking about space, and how when we have space around us we can be what we’re meant to be…our truest essence, our purest form. We thrive. 

I’m talking “space” in all its possible meanings:

-Internal space: taking time to be quiet, reflect, pay attention, meditate, breathe…
-Emotional space: allowing our feelings to be witnessed; holding emotional boundaries with others that help us to feel emotionally and physically safe
-Physical space: holding physical boundaries, sure, and the space we create in our bodies with yoga, stretching, massage. And also the space that comes with having actual space around us to be. The great outdoors offers ton of this, eh?
-Mind-space: time to daydream, intention-set, reflect, create
-Energetic: the space that comes from energetic clearing, balancing and releasing. This kind of thing happens with shamanic work, Reiki, polarity therapy, etc.

Almost all of the above kinds of space can be influenced by the kinds of decisions we make in the course of our day: choosing to let go of what we really don’t want to do, those obligation-driven activities. Doing what we truly want to do. Saying what we mean, meaning what we say. We all have our set-point w obligations, but I think you know what I mean.

Oh, and then there’s the space that opens up between people when we begin to relax around judgments, thoughts of how others “should” live, act and be…and the expectations that come with this.

Clearing up misunderstandings and disrupted relations. Big one. Think about all the energy that we spend rehashing conflicts and trying to get into someone’s head, thinking we know what they’re thinking. HUGE space-opener when we shift away from this.

Sometimes it’s a simple as allowing myself 20 minutes to get someplace that will likely take 10 minutes. Talk about a stress-reliever. When I make space in my day, even 5 minutes, I notice my shoulders softening and I move through my day more easily.

Yoga and shamanic work are great tools for making space internally, emotionally, energetically and physically.

When we practice yoga, we’re opening up tight muscles and joints, for sure. We’re also opening up energy channels, quieting the mind and making space for prana (life force energy) to flow more freely.

When I work with a shamanic client, one of the strongest intentions I set is to be a “hollow bone through which Spirit can flow.” For that to happen, I need to make space in my mind and heart, setting aside ego-focused thoughts of what I think “should happen” with a client or questioning my abilities.

Can all of this be done in one day? Ummmm…maybe…I know I haven’t gotten there yet.

I’ve found this to be a life-long practice that continues to be challenged and refined.

Want to have more space in your life? Start small, with a clear intention and expand from there.

After all, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…


How about you?  How do you make space in your life?

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