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MexSunflower_Up-Close The resplendent Mexican Sunflower

We need inspiration these days. Now, more than ever. It's so easy to feel discouraged, anxious, frustrated, and angry and become immobilized, even before Covid hit and the election season ramped up. It's a sign of the times, and a sign of the choices before us. Inspiration can help us find our way. 

I sometimes forget that inspiration can be found all around us. How about you?

MexSunflowerCropped w Green copySometimes I find inspiration in the gorgeous hue of the Mexican Sunflower. Other times it's the magnificent white pine outside my window that has one enormous trunk that has split off into multiple other trunks. One of those magical trunks gracefully curves out, a length of it parallel to the ground, and then reaches straight up to an opening between other trees to the sun.

Nature gets creative when it seeks out the sun that nourishes it. That inspires and excites me, and makes me think about ways that we humans search for light and nourishment.  White Cosmos

The writer Glennon Doyle is another source of inspiration these days. Her most recent book, Untamed, is engaging, accessible, funny, profane and filled with truths that are easy to miss because we’re so busy and wrapped up in false stories about how we should be that we miss them. Or avoid looking at them.

Maybe both. 

In essence, the book is a battle-cry for women to throw off the chains of social conditioning, tap into our inner truth and knowing, and make our way towards living a life that is much, much more than good enough. The very best life we can imagine. 

I assumed the role of "good girl" for much of my life and her words inspire me, her life story inspires me, and the way she has used both to support and encourage women blows me away.  

Even when we focus on finding inspiration, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Though being immobilized won't get us the world we want, imagine and deserve. The world we have the responsibility to create

Without going too conspiracy theory I'll share my belief that there are forces at play that want us to curl-up into a ball and not vote, not talk with people who have different political views, not get involved in causes important to us and not spreak up and challenge social convention. 

We're in the midst of great change and upheaval. A breaking down of social, economic, racial, and health structures. It's uncertain and scary, and, it's not all bad.

This breakdown can lead to a breakthrough. A dying and a rising.  Leading us to a place of greater truth, more justice, better health for ourselves, our community, country, world and Mother Earth when we lead from an inspired place. 

May it be so. 

Feeling overwhelmed and in need of a dose of inspiration or hope? I hear you. Here are some practices and food for thought. May they support and nourish you.

-Turn off the news. Step away from the newspaper.
-Get quiet, take at least 3 deep breaths (6 is better, 9 is fabulous).
-Gaze at or reflect on a source of inspiration: a work of nature, a photo, a painting or your pet.
-Next, let your imagination run free. Dream up the best and highest vision of how things will go over the next few months, the next year and maybe even the next five years. Send out a prayer to whomever or whatever you believe to be greater than yourself, your god, and ask "May this vision be supported, for the greater good of all."   
-Write this vision down; tell a trusted friend.
-Feel into this vision as if it's real and happening right now. You've just added rocket fuel to your vision. 

As we head into the election season and cooler weather, keep finding inspiration within and without. 

Find your tribe and connect with them regularly. 

Feel your feelings, give them space, and have deep compassion for yourself for feeling however you're feeling. Only after you've done that, extend that compassion to others. 

Trust YOUR knowing and your truth. 

We can change the world when we change ourselves. 

May you know that Divine Light glows within you and others and may you be warmed and comforted by that Light. Know that your truest essence is drawn to other sources of light, just as the trees and the flowers twist and bend themselves to find it.

May that knowing inspire and uplift you.  

P.S. Shout-out to Deb Perkins of First Light Wildlife Habitats who introduced me to the Mexican Sunflower and coached me on adding pollinator-friendly plants that are native to Maine and on removing invasive plants that were taking over my garden area. 

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