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Coming Back is What Matters


Recently I was at a kirtan (devotional chanting) with Krishna Das and that’s always a good time: singing, chanting, laughing, calling on the gods and goddesses along with other saints and masters for guidance, protection, support and love. Krishna Das (aka “KD”) is a rock-star of the kirtan world and quite a character. Insightful and irreverant, KD loves a good laugh and tells it like he sees it. 

In between the call and response chanting -- which often evokes a meditative, peaceful state – is when he'll share bits of wisdom he’s acquired over the course of his long journey on the path of spiritual seeking.

The one that got my attention that evening and stuck with me  was, “It’s not the leaving, the going away that’s important. It’s the coming back, the returning.”

Said in his deep, sonorous and gentle voice, those words sunk in and I felt I was meant to hear them at that time and place in my life.  

KD was referring to meditation or any other spiritual practice. The message not only makes sense to me, I find it encouraging. Comforting. Inspiring. Motivating.

I can always come back. 

I can sit in mediation, watching my thoughts drift here, there and everywhere and when I notice this, I can return to my breath and my mantra. And let go of my self-judgment about getting distracted. Just get back on-course.

I can fall off my work-out routine, neglect my yoga practice, eat food that doesn't work for my body or fill-in-the-blank and still come back to practices that support my well-being and health.

I can shake the cobwebs off my book project and dive in, yet again. 

I can connect with my power animal, who I may not have worked with in weeks, and they are there. I can remember that the spirit world is there, ready and waiting to work with us, support us, guide and protect us. We just need to invite them in, and remember to connect.

It’s the coming back that matters.


What do you feel the urge to return to? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away from it. Each day, each moment, offers the opportunity to return.

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