About Martha, Founder

Martha-WilliamsIn my early 30’s I starting focusing more intentionally on the path of wellness, transformation and healing. It was a time of transition that included some endings and heartache. I began learning about meditation, the mind-body connection, and began a regular routine of exercise and outdoor activity. I also started listening more closely to the call of my Soul.  Since then, I’ve walked the path of wellness and optimal well-being for 20+ years and that path has evolved and changed through different phases of my life.

For the longest time I dreamed of living by the ocean and sharing my life with a special someone while supporting the healing and optimal health for others so they can live their best life. I now call Maine my home and share a life of health, gratitude and wonder with my husband of eight years. I’m savoring this life that I’ve created up here in Maine. Would you like to live your best life? Respond to the call of your Soul?  Let’s talk and see how yoga and/or the healing offered through shamanic practice might add that missing piece and start you on the path of living the life of your dreams.

I now teach yoga, meditation and offer shamanic healing to others seeking optimal health and wellbeing. I draw on my training as a therapist and social worker, as a certified yoga teacher and a trained shamanic practitioner and offer a unique blend of services supporting individuals in the transformation of their life into one of optimal health and thriving in all areas.

Professional background

I received my Master of Social work from Fordham University, completed a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with Kim Valeri and the YogaSpirit School of Yoga, and studied core shamanic practices extensively with Dory Cote, traveled to Peru and sat in ceremony with Q’ero Shamans, Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and also studied with Alberto Villoldo, Linda Fitch, Barbara Bloecher and Deborah King. I worked for more than nine years at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and experienced a wide range of thought-leaders and transformational teachers in my years at Kripalu.

IMG 0851About the photos on this site

These photos represent some of my travels around the world and also feature stunning pictures of the beauty of Maine. The photos I've featured on this site capture but some the power and beauty of the natural world which is all around us and asks only that we pause, honor the spirit that exists in all things and remain open to receiving the healing power of Mother Earth. My headshot was taken by Kevin Fahrman, a gifted photographer from the Greater Portland area. Check out his biz Facebook page:   Foreside Photography. Many thanks to my husband, Tom Tierney, who took many of these pictures on our travels.  He's got a great eye!