Workshops, Classes & Events

Gentle Yoga @ So. Portland Community Center

Monday & Wednesday mornings 
Jan. 2 - May 29, 2019 (no class 1/21, 2/18, 4/15 and 5/27)
SPCC,  21 Nelson Street 
9 -10:15 am

Start your day off right with a gentle yoga class: stretching, strengthening and working on improving your balance. Whether you're new to yoga, returning after taking a break or have been practicing for years, this class is for you. Join us and enjoy the many benefits that yoga offers: lower blood pressure, increased flexibility and  improved balance and focus to name a few.  You'll leave feeling peaceful and energized. 

Cost:  $12 per class/drop-in

For more information call 207-767-7650; Gentle Yoga @ SoPo Comm Center

Discounts offered to seniors and when purchasing a full session of classes.     


The Art of Teaching for Transformation: A Positive Psychology Approach

Maria Sirois, PsyD and Martha Williams, MSW
May 12 - 17, 2019
Sunday eve - Friday noon
1440 Multiversity, Santa Cruz mountains, CA

Are you a catalyst for lasting, positive change in our fragile and fractured society? As facilitators, teachers, and speakers, we take our attendees from the deepest marrow of their healing journey to the pinnacles of self-revelation and mastery. Yet how can we be sure that the transcendence lasts—that our butterflies don’t cocoon back into caterpillar fears? Join master teacher Maria Sirois, PsyD, and shamanic healer and yoga teacher Martha Williams, MSW, to liberate the human spirit in a sustained way and learn to anchor your students in their optimal life.

In this 5-day immersive workshop you will:

  • Approach the classroom through a lens of wholeness and posture of servant-leadership
  • Create safety, positivity, engagement, and sustained transformation
  • Explore the paradoxes of authenticity in action and why it matters
  • Uncover anxiety as a doorway to confidence and growth
  • Learn professional best practices for how to structure proposals and position yourself, leading with strength
  • Envision the future and plan next steps.

Through the integration of positive psychology principles and techniques in small groups, practice sessions, self-reflection, and more, you will examine themes of presence and wholeness. You will also learn about presenting from our ideal selves; the integration of story, content, and data; and how best to handle the difficult, invisible, or gifted student.

Expand your potential and elevate your presenting to the next level of expertise, whether you are brand new to teaching or have been doing so for decades.

More information here.